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The Wolf And The Raven: Surprises

Continuity: After Change

One Of The Best Things About Life Is The Surprises In Store For All Of Us

On normal days, Beast Boy would be trying to get her to laugh. On normal days, Raven would humor him by some sort of witty retort. On normal days, whenever they were having a generally good moment, the klaxon would go off.
Today was not a normal day, Beast Boy realized. Actually it hadn't been a normal week regarding everything he had notice was routine for them. First of all, Raven was actually initiating conversations. Second, she was actually being nice to him without him surprising her with a book he thought she'd like. Third, and most importantly, she was started smiling whenever he saw her—teeth and everything.

As beautiful as it was to see her expression of happiness, he couldn't help but feel a little unhinged about it all. He hadn't mentioned this to the team because he current theory was that she had been replaced by a shape-shifting rabbit cyborg from the future to kill them (though the team had obviously noticed something was different, but chose to ignore the fact as just a progression in their teammates strange relationship).

So BB, for a lack of a better phrase, was trying to keep his guard up. Problem was, he was having a hard time to do at her heart-melting smile. So the next morning when he found her standing outside his door, he didn't even bother question her when she asked him to follow her.

They stopped a little ways before the common room door. Raven then used a simple spell to blindfold him, grabbing a hand and pulling him forward. "Alright, take it off." Her voice was as soft as ever. He did as she asked of him, his emerald eyes widening ridiculously.  Before him the room was covered in so much green an outsider would have thought it was St. Patrick's Day. The banners, the hats his team was wearing, and the cake (that he seriously prayed Cy or Rob made, not that he wasn't grateful if Rae had made it.) all said three words: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAST BOY!

Tears of joy started to well in his eyes, but he wiped them away and sniffed before turning to Raven. This smile she was wearing wasn't fully of laughter, but one that was sweetly coy. "Surprise!"
The next part in my Teen Titans oneshot series! Sorry if I'm a little rusty. ^^; This one is specifically for :iconceshira:

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Shinwa-Tsuki Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
Very nice!
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Linzerj Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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