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Lost Among Wild Clouds.
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Kraken Ink And Phoenix Quills Prolouge
C.A. Cupid for sometime now had been missing her friends from Monster High. Then she  had come up with a fairy awesome idea!
"Headmaster Grimm!" Cried the young archer of love as she entered the headmaster's room, "I just had the mostly lovely of ideas!"
Milton Grimm had cringed at the sudden burst of energy.  Cupid's ideas, while indeed lovely, often lead to trouble concerning the other students destinies.
"And what exactly is your idea this time?" He replied cooly.
“A penpal exchange with Monster High!” Cupid almost sang as she fluttered into the air with a spin.
Grimm’s brain was working like clockwork around what had just been presented. Communication with a world away? It wasn’t impossible given how many realms there were in Ever After.  But the world of Monsters was more so another dimension entirely. Still, to have his Rebellious students interact with youngsters their own age who willingly and happily accepted their destinies? Well th
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A Line For Hope
Gold and red leaves tousled in the cool October morning. An Asian woman nursed the thermos in her lap as she sat in the middle of the grassy park, tapping the metal with her finger-less gloves. Despite the constant noise of the surrounding city streets, it seemed quiet at this time of day.
Her hawkish eyes didn’t leave her child, who tumbled and ran around. The clopping sound of hooves caught her attention over her daughter’s laughter. The mounted police her nice enough, but it still unnerved her to answer such a stupid question.
Of course, Hope was her child, tan brown skin and all. She hadn’t fought so hard with the adoption agencies to tell people otherwise.
And yet, the articles about how people mistook adoptive (or even biological kids) for kidnapped children were at the front of her mind…
She blinked, adjusting her glasses on the bridge of her nose. It wasn’t like her to have worry overcome her senses. Then it finally clicked that Hope was nowhere t
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All-New Excalibur by bk00 All-New Excalibur :iconbk00:bk00 22 3 White Is Not The Default by bk00 White Is Not The Default :iconbk00:bk00 41 9 Symbols by bk00 Symbols :iconbk00:bk00 39 10
A Long Walk Home
They hadn’t gotten that far shadow-traveling, for Nico wanted to know just how much energy he was exhausting on a short trip.
It turned out even such a small feat zapped him of nearly all of it.
Reyna caught him as he all but stumbled out of shadowed portal. They stepped out into a deeply wooded forest. Nico gave a grunt and gave a flimsy wave of his  arms, as if trying to push himself away. Reyna smirked inwardly herself. Men and their need to show off.
The praetor set him down against the closest tree, where he quickly fell asleep. His light snores were as silent as the darkness that had walked through. Chills still ran along her arm at the thought of how the shadows had eclipsed him. At first nothingness and then everything all at once.
Reyna rubbed her arms before turning to face the statue. A small breath escaped her body, regardless of how she had to try to fight. Despite what she had seen, what she had fought against in her life, the mere fact such an prized relic was
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Children Of The Ultimates by bk00 Children Of The Ultimates :iconbk00:bk00 27 2 White Robin by bk00 White Robin :iconbk00:bk00 10 1 Namesake by bk00 Namesake :iconbk00:bk00 22 4

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Dunbar, Konrad Dunbar
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

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I am: a lover, a fighter, a brother, a writer. I believe that some evils are done for good, and vice versa.

As you can see my gallery is full of literature as writing is my "art". I've been at it since I was 7, so about 11 years. I've definitely come a long way since then and I still have ways to go. I'm good but I know i can be greater than I am currently!

If you're a Naruto fan check out my Animal Symbolism Colleciton, if a Teen Titans fan check out my Stories of Titanic Proportions, and if your looking for something original well check out the other folders!

As you can see I'm a little obsessed with the 'crack pairing' KibaKarui. Teeny bit. What can I say, who's to say they wouldn't compliment each other very well? Considering Kiba's clan, if you don't mind gettin' down and dirty don't play with the dogs. A wild boy who's loyal to the bone, a 'bitchy' girl who's a romantic, and the color red to symbolize for the strength of their bonds to those who they're loyal to. Why settle for something sweet, when you can have some spice?
so quick recap
  • I've decided I'm bi-romantic demisexual
  • over the past few months I've gotten into Ever After High, Monster High, and IDW's run of TMNT and Transformers
  • I'm currently working on a crossover fic on ao3 and my tumblr
  • I'm taking a semester of school off 
  • I got a volunteer job at my local library
  • am constantly worried I will be killed by the police for simple existing
  • tired and anxious but alive for now.

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I've never been good a critiquing but if this is what you really want then I'll try not to disappoint you. ^^; First things first. Because you have the couple in your Title of the deviation, I don't feel as if you need to tell use what couple you're writing about in the header of the work. Nor do I th...

wow. wow! And once again WOW! I grew up with Sonic, it was my 1st comic book series I've ever read. Since I've been on dA, I've seen a lot of ginjinkas (did I spell that right?) of Sonic and his crew, but only stand alone pics or as couples! So it's great to see EVERYONE in a picture like this! Your...


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